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You are here that means you are confused about if it’s a good idea to start automating your home and for those who are interested in transforming there home to a smart home the most basic question is “how do I start with this ?”.

Well, you don’t need to worry as I got it all covered for ya, even if you are a person who never heard about home automation or smart home or any other geeky word like IOT still can understand this guide and start making your home really cool.

What is Home Automation?

You all have probably watch those cartoon movies where you see the house welcomes the person with a voice message, and there are those vacuum lifts to travel between different floors within the house and everything was automated.

Even your food got prepared without any human help itself when you command the house to do so.

We are still not that close to automating our houses but still over these past years, home automation technology has totally changed the standards of living.

Now the main question is, “What is home automation?”, Home automation or smart home is making all the systems within house automated so that standards of living can be improved.

What I am talking about here is about making lifestyle more comfortable and healthy and also saving energy at the same time.

Some implementations and Examples to Understand Home Automation:

  • Controlling the lighting system of the home by voice command.
  • Control home appliances by voice command.
  • Automatic temperature adjustment according to the climate
  • Smart security like access inside the home through a mobile app.
  • Smart alarm and camera system.

and many more like this.

Smart Home technology for a safe and secure home

Your home is your most important possession and one of your biggest investment, that’s why the safety of your home is one of the most important aspects of smart home technology.

So how can you secure your home?

There are many aspects to it, Below topics will help you understand this better.

Smart Door Entry System

Door entry system is one of the most important part of your smart home security, The important feature that you need in a smart door entry system is that you can be able to monitor who and when someone came to your home.

Second, you should be able to open or close the door from just a single click or through your smartphone.

It should have a dedicated camera installed to it so that you can let the right person come inside your house directly.

Smart weather monitoring

Another impressive feature of the smart home security segment of the home automation is smart weather monitoring, Now you might be thinking what’s the relationship between weather monitoring and smart home security?.

Fear not fellas because I am here to clear that, Smart weather monitoring consists of weather monitoring devices like sensors which can sense harsh weather conditions like storms or heavy rain, and signals the main hub to take precautionary measures.

For example, blinds automatically cover the window when the storm starts and adjusts according to the weather conditions and outside temperature so that you can always feel pleasant inside your house no matter what’s the weather outside.

Presence Simulation

It’s very important to secure your home doors and locks, CCTV and all that stuff is good but the new concept of presence simulation can also be a beneficial asset.

So if you want your home to be secure in your absence, you can simulate your presence with smart home security technology like keeping the blinds off even when you were not present, starting lights or TV occasionally and much more just with the single click.

Movement Detectors

Movement Detectors are one of the most common security measures in smart home solutions and are very important as per the security of your home is concerned.

It gives your home its own set of eyes and ears so that it detects when someone trie’s to sneak up in the property, it can alert you quickly.

Along with the camera, it’s A must smart home security device to have for monitoring activities outside your house.


Window monitoring sensors

Now we had secured our main entrances and doors in our home but securing the windows is also very crucial and that’s what window monitoring sensors do when it senses any unusual activity around our windows or when someone tries to move in from windows, it notifies us.

Thus acting as a Thief prevention smart device.


Now that we understand various aspects of smart home security system it’s time for energy management.

Smart Energy management

Smart home solutions are not only about security comfort and ease, but they can also help you save energy and money at the same time.

Smart energy management is all about preventing any energy loss or generate energy in an eco-friendly manner so that you can save money without affecting the environment at the same time.

Smart Switch off Function

Sometimes when we move outside we tend to forget to switch off all appliances in each and every room and thus this wastes lot’s of energy and also put a weight on our wallet.

But with the smart switch off function, you can see which appliance you forgot to switch off and can switch it off just with a single click on your smartphone even when you are miles away from your home.

Smart Solar

You can integrate your smart home hub to your solar panels so that you can have better control of your energy use, Whenever you want and wherever you are.

Smart Heating and Air Conditioning System

The biggest problem with conventional heating or air conditioning devices is that they are all manual and do not adjust according to the climate and temperature.

But not with Smart Heating and Air Conditioning Solutions as they automatically adjust according to the climate and temperature to give you the most pleasant experience in any weather.

And this saves a lot of money and energy.

Blind Control

When there’s sunny outside and you don’t want to turn on the lights and just enjoy the natural light and warmth of the sun but just can’t because you are too lazy to put the blinds off manually and thus decided to turn on home lights.

But with smart Blind control, you can save this kind of wastage of energy as the blinds automatically adjust according to the weather conditions and thus saving lots of energy and money.

Smart Car Recharging System

Do you have an Electric car? If you do then you should have a Smart Car Recharging System, You ask why?…..Because you need it(Hahaha).

Ok, I know my jokes are terrible, now to the main point, charging an electric car take’s a lot of energy and put some weight on your wallet and that’s where smart car charging system comes in.

It lets you choose the source from which you want to refill your car, like if have solar then you can save lot’s of energy and money at the same time.


Now that we are done with energy management, let’s move on to feature which is the main reason why most people sought Home Automation.

Smart Comfort System

Everyone want’s to live a comfortable life and that’s not always possible due to the busy and hectic schedule of an individual, and that’s why he sought comfort in his home but if your home is not smart, He again has to deal with manual activities and chores which sometimes can be irritating.

That’s why it’s necessary to have smart comfort system in your home in this busy life so that you can enjoy the pleasures of being at home.

Comfort Automation

Full comfort is what everyone desire and that’s what comfort automation is trying to do for you, Dim lights turned on when you wake up in the morning and slits open slightly so warm pleasant sunlight can greet you when you wake up.

On your way to the bathroom, lights start to light up automatically and if you want some soothing music to greet you when you wake up or while having a bath, all that can be done with the smart comfort automation system.

Voice Command

With the help of smart home solutions, you can now easily connect your home appliances with the smart AI’s like Alexa or google home or Apple Siri and many more.

It allows you to control your whole home automation system with just some simple commands thus making your life more pleasant and comfortable.

Smart Heating and Air Conditioning System

The biggest problem with conventional heating or air conditioning devices is that they are all manual and do not adjust according to the climate and temperature.

But not with Smart Heating and Air Conditioning Solutions as they automatically adjust according to the climate and temperature to give you the most pleasant and comforting experience in any weather and.

Door Entry System

Now you don’t need to worry about opening or closing a door and conventionally asking who’s ringing the bell, you can have your answer before that person even rings the bells and thus you can surprise your special ones and greet them with a warm welcome.

And It’s all just with a single click and this is how Home automation is changing the lives of people by making their and special one’s life more easy and pleasant.

Smart Light System

As we see earlier you can adjust the lights according to your mood as smart home systems allow you to customize everything as you desire according to your needs.

So if you wanna read the book, lights automatically brightens or if you just wanna relax just laying on a couch listening to your favorite music lights automatically dimmed.

Thus providing you with that pleasant mood and environment where you can perform those things which matters.


Now it’s time for a gadget of the day:

Philips Hue LED lamps

Perfect light. Integrating Philips Hue LED lamps into your home automation system allows you to give rooms an individual lighting mood. And an added bonus, they also protect the environment and your wallet.

Offcourse these LED lamps can be used individually with Alexa,  google assistant, Apple Siri etc and so if you want to give it a try you can get it by clicking the image below or by Clicking Here




It is worth trying Smart Home solutions as it gives you time freedom so that you can cherish each and every moment with your family and friends.


Thanks for reading this article and I hope to see you all in the next post of the home automation series.

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