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There are lots of people out there who depend a lot on PTC  sites to earn money and make some considerable amount of income from it but not all people get successful in this hustle to earn money from PTC sites as there are lots of fake and scam PTC sites out which show promise but actually are just wastage of time and money.

Thus it is essential for us to know which sites to trust and invest our time there, therefore I will provide you with the list of best top 5 most trusted PTC sites out there from where you can earn a considerable amount of income later in this section, so be with me.

So what Exactly is PTC site?

PTC sites are nothing but paid to click services which give you money by clicking ads, Ther are much other stuff also for PTC can pay you like completing surveys doing mini jobs, affiliate links, and even playing games.

Joining a PTC site is free you just need to register at their website provide some basic info and can start earning from day 1 without investing a single penny in it, if you go after trusted PTC sites you can even earn up to 20000$ a month, a friend of mine is earning around 5000$ a month from PTC sites  and it only takes about 5 to 6 months for him to reach that point . so even if you give only  15 minutes of your day to PTC sites you can start earning around 200$ with 2 or even 1 month and I have seen many people doing it, you just need to learn the right strategy and a proper plan.

Top 5 PTC sites 2018

Here is the list of top 5 most trusted PTC sites from where you can start earning a significant amount of money by clicking ads daily

  • Clixsense

Clixsense is one of the most trusted and oldest PTC sites which have a large database of users and is totally legit PTC site to earn money from.

From clixsense, you can earn money by clicking ads, completing surveys and doing mini jobs, it also provides you with grid game from which you can earn up to 10$ clixsense give you 0.02 to 0.01 $ per ad click and it provides you with the rewards up to 10$.

Ways by which you can earn money on clixsense

  1. by clicking daily ads
  2. by completing surveys, and doing mini jobs on crowdflower which is another website from where you can earn money by completing the mini-jobs, For doing mini jobs you need to first register at crowdflower via clixsense and then you’ll be provided with the certain beginning jobs. your rank on crowdflower increases as you complete more jobs and start getting higher level jobs meaning higher pay per each job.
  1. by playing clicks grid game from which you can earn up to 10$
  2. you can also multiply your earning through affiliate programmes
  3. clixsense also allow you to have direct referrals, these are those people who register at clixsense via your provided link and you earn a commision up to 0.05$ for each click made by a referral


Clixsense provide you fast payouts through Payoneer, skrill, Netteller, and others, you can make your first payout when you reach 1$ balance in your account.

nowadays clixsense disabled its ads and removes its name from the list of PTC sites and became a survey only site though still, you can earn a significant amount of money from it.

click here to signup at clixsense

  • NeoBux

Neobux is another most trusted PTC site out there on the internet which is providing service to its customer from very long time and it is the site which had paid its member higher than any other PTC site up to till date.

generally, neobux pay its member 0.001$ per ad click and 0.005$ per referral click but it provides you with various kind of ads varying in the payment amount, this amount varies from 0.001$ to 0.01$.

Ways by which you can earn money on neobux

  1. by clicking various ads and neobux has a lot of them daily and renew them on a daily basis.
  2. by completing surveys and completing crowdflower tasks.
  3. by completing coin offers.
  4. neobux has a concept called direct referrals, these are those people who you hire or you can say buy and you’ll get commision each time they click an add or do a job or complete a survey you can buy various referral packs each of different amounts starting from 3 referrals for 0.6$ to 100 referrals in 20$
  5. neobux has also introduced a game section from which you can earn money by playing games and enjoy at the same time.
  6. you can update your membership to gold membership by paying 90 $, gold members receive higher payments for each ad click and referral click 0.005$ for each add and 0.01$ for each referral click.
  7. neobux provide you with fast payouts, you can start receiving payouts when you reach 2$ mark on your account.
  8.  get paid immediately through NETELLER, Skrill.

register at neobux here

  • Paidverts

Paidverts is not as old as neobux and clixsense but is continuously gaining popularity and trust among people by providing good service and help to make them some nice revenue.

Paidverts has a somewhat different kind of strategy form other PTC sites, it uses a concept of bonus ad points, in this it after you register at paidverts it will provide you with 16 bonus ad points every day starting from day one and starting paying you on add click only after you reach 100 ad points and the amount you receive will depend on the amount of bonus ad points you thus higher bonus ad point means higher pay.

Ways by which you can earn money on Paidverts

  1. by clicking bonus ad points (0.0005$ for one BAP )
  2. by clicking paid ads
  3. by completing surveys
  4. gives you 10% commision on each referral click
  5. you can also earn through advertisement on paidverts

register at paidverts here

  • ScarletClicks

Scarlet-clicks is also a trusted PTC site among peoples and has been paying people for many years.

you can also advertise your ads on scarlet clicks and can also earn money through affiliate links and through referrals like any other PTC site.

        Benefits of  ScarletClicks

  1. Earn up to $0.01 per click
  2. Purchase adpacks and earn 120%
  3. $2 minimum payout
  4. Have lots of options (Payments via Skrill, Neteller, Solidtrustpay, Payeer, Perfect Money and Bitcoin.)
  5. Earn up to 100% referral earnings
  6. Provides you detailed statistics of your ref. clicks

register at scarlet clicks here

  • gpt Planet

gpt planet is the traffic exchange website and a PTC site which means that you can earn money by clicking ads and by viewing other websites or by increasing traffic to other sites, Many people have a doubt in mind about the legitimacy of gpt planet but you do not need to worry if you are going to signup on gpt planet as it is 100% legitimate PTC site and is no scam.

Ways by which you can earn money on Paidverts

  1. view ads and for each ad, you’ll earn 0.001$.
  2. you can earn up to 0.01 $ per click
  3. by playing gpt grid game through which you can earn up to 1$
  4. by completing surveys from which you can make around 0.25 to 2$
  5. by purchasing products and signing up on other platforms you can make around 2 to 10$
  6. Payments via Skrill, Neteller, Payeer, Perfect Money and Bitcoin.


The payout process of gpt planet is slow as it takes around 5-7 days to get your money after you cash out, you can request cashout after you reach 1$ mark in gpt planet account.

You get around 10% referral earning on GPT planet.

Most people don’t prefer gpt planet over other top 4 PTC sites above as it pays is much lower than others, but over the time you can still earn a  decent amount from gpt planet.

register at gpt planet here

So from all these 5 sites, you can earn a decent amount of income if you make it a habit of clicking ads daily and giving some time of your day around 15 minutes to PTC sites.

Hope you all best luck on your journey to earning money online.



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