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GD is one of the most important parts of your job interview and if you wanna ace it up, follow this guidepost to the end.

 Extempore, speeches and the debating ability of a can help one a lot in a GD if you have that kind of self-assurance that you can speak of on any topic provided to you instantly without any preparation then that can be  biggest trump card in acing your GD but all the peoples don’t have that kind of self-assurance thus they need prior preparations .

The main objective of GD as far as a candidate is concerned is to give a significant amount of contribution to the discussion and candidate should have a valid reasoning to back it up, you can’t just say that this is a good method and you feel strongly about it, you should give proper examples and valid facts to prove your point.

Because of this necessity, most of the preparation regarding GD is concerned regarding training yourself to be analytical and logical.

1. It’ll be good for you if prior to the main GD you get yourself accustomed with the situation and pressure of GD thus try doing mock GD’s with your friends as it will improve your chances, while doing mock GD’s and TI’s is good, practice is the only way you can improve your performance in GD.

2. While preparing for GD you should form a well-defined opinion on the topics and affairs related to your area and the post that you want to apply for, as you’ll mostly  have to speak strongly either in support or in against of a particular topic, but if you decided to remain neutral on the topic you should have valid points and facts to back you up.

3. For your arguments to have impacted you should have a sound knowledge of a topic you are speaking on so that you can back it up by valid points and arguments, this kind of knowledge cannot be attained  with a week or month training, you need to have a habit of learning and reading every day but if haven’t had that kind of habits don’t panic and start from today .

4. If you do not have a ready databank, you can do some quick reading on the current affairs and all the topics related to the course or the post you are applying for.

Types of GD topics:

Group discussion can be divided into following subcategories:

1. Topics related to social and environmental issues.

  • Global Warming
  • Corruption
  • Dictatorship  and Democracy
  • Buerocratic policies
  • pollution and effects

2. Topics related to technological advancements and topics related to your subject or post

  • Advantages and disadvantages of a particular technology
  • Effect of technology on our body
  • questions related to your stream

3. Abstract Topics

  • What is your take on letting someone die for sake of saving others?
  • Is death the end of life.
  • what are your responsibilities and contribution to society?

Current affairs and controversial topics are easy to handle and can be prepared within a month of practice but abstract topics are a little bit hard to tackle and thus needs an open mind and a good knowledge base, The best way to prepare for the abstract topic is that you start reading magazines as they have lots of knowledge and GD transcripts which can help you a lot with Abstract topics.

So here’s how you should begin your preparations:

1. First make a list of all the current topics and headlines going on in newspapers, magazines and Tv channels and in this era of socialization and integrity topics related to national and international problems holds the same value.

2. Now that you had made the list of all the current affairs and topics, you should start dissecting each one by one, write about those topics and make a quick paragraph about what you understand from that topic, The major things that you should be concerned about in the topics are:

  • Why is the topic important as per the TV and newspaper are concerned.
  • Are there any lesser known interesting facts about the topic.
  • What are its consequence on society?
  • Is the topic harmful in any way?
  • What’s your take or opinion about the topic?

3. Whether you consider the topic or not doesn’t have that much importance but what you write down is considered as your viewpoint and thus you should write your viewpoint by considering what other would think if they read your statements.

4. Even if you write by considering both points of views your’s and the readers but still you may find that what you write doesn’t contain all the aspects related to the topic and thus your real study starts from here, and you can do that in many ways.

5. The best way to gather knowledge is to read lots of newspaper and magazines, make it a habit of reading a magazine or newspaper daily for at least one hour a day and if you travel a lot keep one or two magazines in your bag while traversing and read it when you got any free time.

6. Never read the same magazine twice for the same topic, instead read that particular topic in different magazines will give you a different insight to the same topic so that during GD even if someone didn’t agree with you, you already know what to expect from them.

7. Yet another very good way of gathering information is to watch TV shows where all these people from different political parties and social groups gather and give their opinion on various topics, and watching these channels in your own language will be even better for you as you can understand the issue more clearly that way.

8. If you are following any TV news channel you’ll also get to know the views of people on the particular issues as when TV anchor asks a question to the general people you’ll get the better insight to the thought process of common masses and thus this can help you formulate your views on the topic.

9. The Internet is one of the best media to gather the information and thus use it to the full extent for gathering all kinds of info by reading different articles, magazines or news, try to minimize your search results by focusing on particular keywords instead of general phrases, try to narrow your search.

10. Having a good command in English is no doubt will give you an edge in the GD but if you are not a native speaker and if you don’t have that kind of command in English start now building your vocabulary, read newspaper or a dictionary or try to speak in English at your home or with your friends but don’t get to fixated over it just be yourself and try to improve your voice structure and clarity and that’ll be suffice.

11. Listen to daily news and expert talks, read the daily newspaper as this can help you in improving your English, but still, there is no instant recipe to improve any language you need to put continuous efforts into it that’s why make it a habit even after your GD is over.

12. While preparing for GD, you should prepare yourself to be quick and alert, a person who can write amazing essays on any topic within three days might not be able to come up with a quick answer to a particular topic in GD thus train yourself by throwing yourself with any random topic and try to give arguments on it either in favor or in opposition, This can help you a great way in GD as GD is all about pressure handling and how fast you can come with answer to any random topic.

13. Good Communication skills are an essential part of Group Discussion and can be a deciding factor that whether you make a cut in GD or not, but if you are not good at communicating with others around you, Start practicing it with your friends by discussing on different issues and current affairs, you can also join various courses or community groups where you can improve your communication skills

Things that you need to look at:

  • Are you able to convey your message to others clearly without any second thoughts?
  • Can you raise your opinion without actually raising your voice too much or by silencing others?
  • Are you an introvert or shy person and find it difficult to speak in front of others?
  • Are you getting swayed by other’s opinion?
  • Can you listen to other people opinions with patience?

14. Besides gathering information what you need to do is to visit the place where your GD is going to take place prior to the actual day of the GD so that you can get familiar with the bus route building location and all that kind of stuff so that you can reach the premise on time on the day of actual GD, This can help you remain calm and composed and you should be able to put all your focus on the task in hand.

Though there is no shortcut way to succeed in Group Discussion, The only thing that you can do is follow these tips and keep improving over the time and that’s what makes it more interesting and the journey worthwhile.

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