Prepare for Telephone Interview by following this guide

Things to remember while expecting a Telephone Interview

Personal Interview and Telephone Interview having many things in common, but as far as the gist of the process and preparations are considered, In TI, you are free to from all the preparations regarding dressing, grooming your body posture, finding a venue and all that stuff, but there are lot of other things that we need to keep in mind while preparing for TI.

There are many things you need to consider before giving your TI, The most important thing is to check if your phone is working properly.

1. Always give the right phone number and contact address in your resume, because if you end up giving a wrong phone number on your resume, you might need to pay dearly as the company you have been dreaming to work in might slip from your hands by this kind of trivial mistakes.

2. It is always better to give Ti from a landline phone because if you give your TI through Phone Booth or from a college telephone your connection might get interrupted. If you are already in a job, avoid giving TI while in office as it is not considered good

3. If you have given your mobile number as your phone number then be sure to check that all your bills are paid up to date and you have no dues, or if your plan is about to expire be sure to renew it in time.

4. There are many cases where people write that they are available for 8 hours only in their offices except weekends in their resumes. Instead, you should write after what time you’ll be available at home or ask the interviewer in your resume to inform you about your time slot prior to the date and time of your interview.

5. Check in advance about the date, time and climate differences between your and interviewer place so that you can prepare accordingly and this also helps in doing better interaction with the interviewer without a need to worry about other factors.

6. Speaking properly is one of the major factors which can deviate the direction of the interview either in your favor or against you. That’s why always practice speech before giving a TI.

7. If you are a fast speaker try to make your pace slow as the interviewer might not be able to understand you, You can take a help of your friend, by asking him to listen to your speech and point out whenever he finds it difficult to understand thus by constant feedback you can check and modify your speaking skills.

8. It is not possible to change one’s accent overnight but if you learn the correct pronunciation of certain words it will help you to get your point clearly to the interviewer.

9. If you have time in your hand try to get familiar with the foreign accent as it can improve your chances in the interview, Try to watch Foreign news channel like CNN and BBC daily for about 30 minutes as it can help you understand the foreign language better and you can learn a lot from these news channels as these channels discuss many questions that were asked in the interview thus giving you insight about what you should expect in a TI.

10. Also, try to improve your listening skills as they very necessary to answer questions asked from you but if your listening skills are poor or you if your mind got drifted away during the interview you might find it hard to pick up with the flow again thus always listen carefully.

TIP: Many people make use of a keyword in the TI so that they do not miss any point, like if an interviewer asks you a question ” WHAT ARE YOUR PASSIONS ?” You do not need to write the whole question while you only write passions as it will remind you about the question and keep you on the track.

11. Complete and Thorough knowledge of your resume is necessary for the PI as the interviewer might ask you anything about your resume, here instead of remembering each and every detail of your resume you can always keep an extra copy of your resume with yourself and highlight all the necessary and important portions in your resume.

12. A question that is common to all the interviewees is that “WHY YOU HAVE APPLIED FOR THIS JOB?” thus keep a written answer in advance with you so that you can refer it later but don’t rephrase the whole answer just keep that as a reference because interviewer might notice this and work against you.

13. As in case if you are having a face to face to interview via webcam be sure to have to do your homework and research about the company or organization which you have sent your resume through all the possible media so that you can get accustomed to the company’s culture and issues which can help you in your interview and as well as in your future with that particular company.

14. prepare that list of things in advance about the company and all the developments going on in that particular organization so that when you were asked to ask any questions you can be able to reply promptly.

15. It’ll be good if you have seen the photograph of the interviewer before as it will balance the flow of communication because humans are not that accustomed to getting comfortable with the unknown face quickly.

16. The most important thing that you need to do to prepare well in the interview is to generate the exact same Telephone Interview scenarios so that you can get familiar with the situation, You can do this with the help of a friend whom you can ask to sit at the other end of the telephone and ask you questions and give you feedback about how well you performed during this made up interviews , this helps in correcting any errors you have in your speech and also make you accustomed to the pressure.

17. At the end of the interview always remember to politely say thanks to your interviewer and tell him how grateful you are for providing him you this great opportunity, and do not hang up on your phone before the interviewer always put down your phone after him.

These are all the tips if you follow you can easily crack a Telephone interview and most of all stay motivated and focused toward’s your goal stay calm and positive during the interview and I am sure you’ll have it in your bag, good luck to you.

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